Art/fashion/publishing practice 

Malú van der Bijl (1997) is a fashion practitioner and cultural developer, with roots in the Global North and South. Having lived for extended periods in both Ecuador and The Netherlands, the duality in her (social) contexts and lived experience, has become characteristic for the methods and subjects in her work.

With a bachelor in Fine Arts and a master in Critical Fashion Practices, her practice is situated at the intersection between fashion and art. In the last few years she has worked on several collaborative and self-initiated projects, including Inblik Radio, an experimental online radio and podcast.

In a globalized world in which capitalism seems ever more dominant, exploring more sustainable ways of being/worldbuilding presents itself as an urgent matter. Malú’s practice revolves around creating spaces/platforms for the realities that take place beyond the framework of neoliberal society. With a specific interest for publishing, her work touches upon topics of decolonization and re-appropriation. Currently she is researching rewilding as a strategy to develop alternatives to the industrial fashion system.

MA Crticial Fashion Practices, ArtEZ

BA Atoutonome Beeldende Kunst, AKV St.Joost