Antidisciplinary workbook of care

“Carelessness has ascended to the throne and has been reigning supreme within the dominant realities of western society, influencing our ways of living and being. We live in a society where the creation of capital has become the divine being we devote our lives to; resulting in the given that we are losing our connection to care. Within this model, we are exploiting care as a means to create exchange value; emphasizing the individual benefit and neglecting the communal experience. Re-establishing this bond is vital to find a balance with the world surrounding us. As a collective, we are not satisfied with the position care holds within our society.  We have decided not to stand by idly whilst care is commodified and pushed to the side-lines. We have created the Antidisciplinary Workbook of Care to elaborate on the subject of care, caring and taking care in more organic, shared, communal and non-commodified manners.”  Fragment from The Care Manifesto of Generation 31.